The Fine Arts League of the Carolinas

The Fine Arts League of the Carolinas is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

"Here, the names of the old masters haunt our halls. The words grace and beauty inspire, and we teach that craft is the first step towards respecting the wonder and awe of the world around us."

The Fine Arts League of the Carolinas was established to preserve and develop the traditions and techniques of the old masters. We teach the tenants of representational art that span the classicism of the Greeks, the idealism of the Italian Renaissance to the fidelity of contemporary Realism. The schools mission is to cultivate knowledgeable artists open to the spirit of expression. We believe that continuous training in the use of historically validated tools and materials can provide such knowledge, inspiration, and independence.

At The Fine Arts League of the Carolinas, traditional modern education techniques and the master-apprentice studio system combine to form an immersive curriculum based on rigor and accomplishment. The curriculum’s basic goal is to equip artists with the skills needed to explore the four major aspects of representational art: figure, portraiture, landscape and still life. Additionally, The Fine Arts League of the Carolinas is unique among art schools, hosting the only Renaissance Fresco Program in the country. We believe that in order to do this well, one must have a solid foundation in drawing and in the various tools and materials of the artist. These foundations are established by daily practice and discipline.

Our students and instructors work in North-lit studios. Instructors are in the studios five days a week. Core classes are held in 3 hour segments, twice a day for a 12 week term. We also offer classes on a part-time basis. In class, students work alongside their teachers. Whether a twenty minute figure study, an extended portrait drawing, or a series of studies for a larger commission, the lessons gained from observing professional artists meet the challenges of their own work are invaluable. As students learn, they too become teachers, and producing a supportive community of peers is a defining principle of our work.

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