Point 8 Forum

What is 0.8 Forum?

0.8 Forum is an informal, free and voluntary group based in Charlotte, NC.
It consists of a very diverse mix of people that includes artists, architects, designers, members of local art institutions and galleries, faculty and students from local schools like UNCC, Davidson and Winthrop, and a variety of individuals interested in the arts and other creative disciplines. (See website for contact form)

What are the objectives?

To promote creativity, critique and communication.
Our attempt is to break down the boundaries between the various arts, architecture and other creative fields, by facilitating dialogue and collaboration – between the disciplines as well as between the creators and the community. In the process we hope to build up a new tradition that encourages free thought, inquiry and creativity, and paves the way for a fresh and authentic artistic and architectural expression in the region.

Every city of a reasonable size has its own share of brilliant and talented people. However what is lacking in most cases is a cohesive vision or direction which brings together and focuses that talent. In order to make that vision possible, we need to build a culture of constant interaction, which supports and encourages experimentation and innovation. Contrary to the popular myth, genius rarely develops in isolation!
It also requires openness and objectivity: Creativity and critique are complimentary. You take away one and the other withers away. We cannot develop a “culture of creativity” unless there is also a complimentary one of open and objective criticism.

The name:

What exactly is “0.8”?
0.8 is a mathematical concept. It is an “inflection point” that describes the point in a non-liner system when a variable undergoes an immediate shift from one state to another. Small influences within the system build up until a swift “phase transition” takes place and the whole system resets to a new level. Examples include the small avalanches created by the buildup of sand in an hourglass, the spread of epidemics and sudden changes in fashion. We expect change to occur slowly and at a steady pace over time, and for there to be some relationship between cause and effect. However, the primary factor affecting the rate of change in most complex social systems is the impact of the “connectors” or influential individuals. The implication for our group, in its attempt to build bridges and greater understanding between artists, architects and the general public, is that a small number of people can have an outsize influence on the society, and become the catalyst or “seed crystal” for change.

Why that name?

Instead of going for a concrete term that too narrowly defines the scope and possibilities of the group, we decided to go for an abstract term that represents a general aspiration – thus making it open for interpretation, and allowing for change and adaptation over the years.

What do we do?

The monthly Forum: Since its inception in this format in October 04, we have been having monthly presentation/discussion sessions, led by various people, that focus on a wide variety of subjects related to art, architecture and creativity in general. See our ongoing/past discussion topics

The mag: The online magazine was started in January 07, so that the dialogue can be more sustained, deeper and reach a wider audience.

The group is always growing and evolving. We are always looking for new participants, as well as new ideas and activities.

Your participation How can I become a member?

There is no official “membership”. In fact there is hardly anything “official” about the group. Anyone is welcome to walk in to our discussion sessions, or contribute articles/images/ideas to the website.

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