Oops (Comedy Troupe)

In 2000, a group of bored Davidson College students joined forces to form the college's first improvisational and sketch comedy troupe; which they named "Oops, I Crapped My Pants." Throughout the year the group did things. Then the things stopped.


After a successful year of humoring the campus, "Oops, I Crapped My Pants" ran into some trouble in 2001. The group started meeting less and less. Alas, The problem's weren't major enough to get an E! True Hollywood Story special about the struggling troupe. So they disappeared very quickly out of the public eye.


In 2003, a new group of students discovered the remains of the once proud troupe and began to breath life into the old bones. They took the name, shortened it, and became known as, simply, "Oops..." With the new name and the new crew they are doing things again.


A new season of "Oops..." has about to begin. So, instead of staying locked up in your dorm room for the night, listening to Bobby Kenner scream "This sucks," or even wondering if the boy you hooked-up with will call you tonight (because he won't), come out and see us! We'll be doing things that we think you will enjoy watching.

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Oops (Comedy Troupe)

209 Ridge Road
Davidson, NC 28035
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