Stefan Duncan and Living Spirit Art

Stefan Duncan is a fulltime artist who reveals the essence of the living spirit in nature thru his paintings. He is also the creator of a new branch of Impressionism called "Squiggleism." Squiggleism™ is a Van Gogh dash with a twist, representing a unit of the Divine that exists in everything. The strokes are unblended and are applied beside each other, so that at a distance, the eye is presented with pure bright colors that excite the mind and heart. His other style of art is Illuminism, which has a source of light in the painting. The light is symbolic of hope for the human condition. Stefan’s mission is to present his "Living Spirit Art" to the world giving peace and serenity to the viewer in the heart of their home and continuing what Van Gogh started – revealing the Divine through nature. "I have been blessed with the vision to see the Divine Essence in nature around us and I merely try to capture its living, thriving glory on canvas so that others can see." Stefan was dubbed the "American Van Gogh" by the Fifteen of Stefan's paintings are displayed on the Van Gogh Gallery website. "One particular artist is leading the contemporary impressionists in an effort to become "America's Vincent van Gogh"... Stefan Duncan! Duncan's amazing work is a plethora of brilliant colors tossed about in a whimsical style he calls Squigglism. Having been greatly influenced by Vincent van Gogh, Stefan utilizes this updated technique to draw the quick strokes of the impressionists into long curvy lines. These tight eddies of color dance around his paintings lighting every feature with beauty! It is this very beauty that Stefan strives to capture in all of his work; revealing the divine in nature!" "Stefan's work continues to amaze us and it gives us great pleasure to be able to show it to the rest of the world. Each painting is Neo-Gogh while still presenting the signature style of Duncan. These paintings are a gift to all who love Vincent van Gogh and a perfect representation of greatness! I look forward to each new painting created by Duncan as his ability to present beauty continues to grow!" A North Carolina native, Stefan Duncan is a full time artist and author. He works on canvas with acrylics and oils, and prismacolors on wood canvas. Murals are his favorite format and as well as doing commissions. Stefan has a gallery in Charlotte and exhibits his work across the country. His rising popularity destines him to be among today's top artists. Duncan is considered one of the most prolific artists, selling several hundred original paintings a year. Stefan is also a novelist in the fantasy genre. His debut novel series reached #1 on Kindle's Ebook Contemporary Epic Fantasy. The first novel, "Swordslinger - For The Gory Of Love" is now available at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Books-A Million and other retailers."Raven's Light" and "rTr - Red Tide Revelations are his upcoming novels. WWW.STEFANDUNCAN.COM

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